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List of 18 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What is The MSNV Fund?

    The MSNV Fund supports initiatives which allow us to deliver our MSNV mission  and provide our children with a rich, diverse  learning environment and high-quality Montessori education. The MSNV Fund runs from July 1-June 30 each year. We strive for 100% participation from the MSNV Board of Trustees, our faculty, staff and parent body to The MSNV Fund. From training teachers to enhancing learning materials, the MSNV Fund directly impacts students.
  • Q: Why should I give to The MSNV Fund?

    Your gift to The MSNV Fund makes a positive difference in your child’s experience at MSNV. As a private institution, MSNV depends on a number of sources for financial support. Gifts to The MSNV Fund allow MSNV, as an independent school, to augment the whole Montessori experience for every child at MSNV, through improvements in infrastructure, materials, teaching techniques, parent support and learning opportunities. By providing additional resources in all these areas, we provide your child with an exceptional Montessori experience.
  • Q: What are the goals of The MSNV Fund this year?

    Each year, we strive for 100% participation from our parent body across our two campuses, from Preprimary through 6th grade.
  • Q: I can’t afford to make a big gift when I am already paying tuition (or on financial aid). Why should I participate?

    MSNV welcomes all gifts, big or small. Making a donation to The MSNV Fund is not mandatory but it does show that you are a fully committed community member. As a community, we strive for 100% participation to send a powerful message that our entire MSNV family stands behind our mission. We hope you can make MSNV a philanthropic priority this year to show that you are choosing to support the school that you have already entrusted with your most important asset, your child. Your MSNV Fund gift should be within your means and is an incredibly important part of your commitment to the school.
  • Q: How can I make a gift to The MSNV Fund?

    Gifts can be made online or through cash, checks, credit cards, stock or securities. If you or a family member is a federal employee you can designate a gift to MSNV in the CFC. Please contact  703-992-0255.
  • Q: When should I give my gift?

    The MSNV Fund year runs from July 1 through June 30. You may give your gift at any point during the school year. You may make a gift or pledge (to be fulfilled by June 30) by calling 703-992-0255.
  • Q: Do I have to give my entire gift all at once or can I contribute over a period of time?

    You may absolutely contribute over a period of time through installments or recurring payments. Please call 703-992-0255 about your giving preference and we are happy to support you.
  • Q: Is my contribution tax deductible?

    Yes! MSNV is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization, so your donation is 100% tax deductible.
  • Q: What is your federal tax identification number?

    Our federal tax identification number is 54-0718805.
  • Q: How can I become a part of the Leadership Circle?

    The MSNV Leadership Circle is comprised of individuals who give a gift of $600 or more to The MSNV Fund. We have several Leadership Circle Clubs: Outdoor Nature Nurturers ($600- $1,199); Pink Tower Builders ($1,200- $ 2,399); Bead Chain Benefactors ($2,400-$ 5,999) and Practical Life Leaders ($6,000+).  You can see all MSNV Fund Giving Circles here.
  • Q: My company supports its employees through matches donations. Does MSNV accept matching gifts?

    Yes! Please call 703-992-0255 to discuss a company matching gift, which can double or triple your donation to MSNV.
  • Q: May I make a gift to The MSNV Fund in honor of someone special?

    If you wish to make a gift to The MSNV Fund in honor of a teacher or in memory of someone special, you may do so at anytime. MSNV will send a card to your honoree or to the family, announcing your thoughtful gift. Donors to The MSNV Fund will receive a timely acknowledgement letter to retain with their records.
  • Q: Can family members contribute to The MSNV Fund?

    Yes, we welcome all contributions to The MSNV Fund.
  • Q: How does MSNV recognize donors?

    All donors receive a letter of thanks and gift receipt letter from MSNV. Donors are also listed in our Annual Report.
  • Q: Does MSNV allow for corporate sponsorships of special events?

    MSNV welcomes individuals, businesses and corporations alike to support our annual events, including our Fall Festival. Consider the possibilities!
  • Q: Can I designate my gift towards a certain area?

    Yes, you can designate your gift. Please call 703-992-0255 to discuss your gift and how you would like to direct it.
  • Q: Are total donation amounts shared with anyone beyond the Advancement team at MSNV?

    Please be assured that all individual donation information is held confidential and is limited to a small group of individuals at MSNV. We only provide aggregate donor information in our Annual Report.
  • Q: Who makes the decision about how donations are spent?

    The MSNV Head of School in conjunction with the MSNV Board of Trustees determine the annual needs of the school based upon the objectives laid in our five-year Strategic Plan. Resources are allocated accordingly and some needs formulate our annual MSNV Fund campaign. If a gift is designated to a certain area, the gift will be used as requested. If a gift is not designated, it will go toward our area of greatest need.