We inspire and guide children to love learning, to love one another, and to love the world around them.


MSNV Preprimary offers two-year-olds a positive introduction to the world of school and the wonders of Montessori. The child’s first steps to independence are fostered in a nurturing environment specially prepared to meet the needs of our youngest community members.

The Preprimary Program

The Preprimary environment is a community of toddlers who are developing their independence, language, movement, and social and emotional skills through peer interactions. The physical and emotional environment as well as the routines and schedules of the day are carefully prepared so that every moment of the toddler's day is an opportunity to grow in all areas. Transitions from one part of the day to the next often extend 30 minutes allowing the children the time and space needed to work on the task at hand. Whether it is putting away their belongings at the begging of the morning, using the toilet multiple times throughout the day, working alongside each other, preparing for snack, cleaning up from lunch, or spending time outside, each moment is filled with enriching language, opportunities for independence and the freedom for children to interact with each other with the encouragement and support of the teachers.

The Curriculum

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  • Practical Life

    Students cover the following areas:

    Care of the Indoor & Outdoor Environments
    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Washing a Table
    • Dusting
    • Care of Pets
    • Raking Leaves
    • Watering Plants
    Care of Self
    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Toilet Learning
    • Putting Shoes On/Off
    • Taking On/Off a Coat
    • Brushing Hair
    • Hand Washing at the Sink
    Movement of Objects
    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Sitting on a Chair
    • Carrying a Tray 
    • Carrying a Bench
    • Carrying a Rug
    • Rolling & Unrolling a Work Rug
    Food Preparation & Serving
    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Pouring a Glass of Water
    • Setting the Table
    • Baking & Cooking
    • Slicing/Cutting
    • Serving Others
  • Language

    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Verbal Self-Expression
    • Naming
    • Looking at a Book Independently
    • Conversation games
    • Nomenclature Cards
  • Movement

    Students cover the following areas:

    Fine Motor Skills

    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Sewing
    • Use of Scissors
    • Open and Close Containers
    • Lacing
    • Sorting Objects
    Gross Motor Skills
    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Balance Beam
    • Tossing Ball
    • Jumping With Two Feet
    • Climbing
    • Pull/Push Heavy Items
  • Art & Music

    Students cover the following areas:


    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Scribbling
    • Chalking
    • Painting
    • Clay
    • Simple Scissors
    Examples of topics/lessons include:
    • Instruments
    • Rhythm Sticks
    • Songs with Actions
    • Dance: Free Movement with Rhythm
    • Music Box
  • Visitors & Community Service

    Preprimary classrooms have parent volunteers on occasions to support the children in a cooking project, craft activity or community service project of preparing treats for animals in a local shelter.
  • Social & Emotional Development

    Examples of development areas include:
    • Working independently in classroom
    • Learning to communicate effectively
    • Taking responsibility for actions
    • Asking for help when needed
    • Respects one another's work space

Preprimary At a Glance

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  • Location

    Valleybrook Campus, 3433 Rose Lane, Falls Church, VA 22042
  • Age

    Preprimary students are two years old.
  • Tuition

    Half Day: $16,995 (SY24-25)
    Full Day: $23,175 (SY24-25)
  • Time:

    Half-Day Preprimary: 8:10 a.m. to 11:50 a.m.
    Full-Day Preprimary: 8:10 a.m. to 3:10 p.m.


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  • Photo of Giulia Conti

    Giulia Conti 

    Teacher Assistant
  • Photo of Monica Hamby

    Monica Hamby 

    Teacher Assistant
  • Photo of Jana Horne

    Jana Horne 

    Preprimary Teacher
  • Photo of Kendra Pessoa Montano

    Kendra Pessoa Montano 

    Preprimary Teacher
  • Photo of Erika Porro

    Erika Porro 

    Teacher Assistant
  • Photo of Camilla Roberts

    Camilla Roberts 

    Preprimary Teacher