Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire and guide children to love learning, to love one another, and to love the world around them.

Our Vision for the World

Our Vision is of a humane and peaceful society where people of all ages feel a reverence and responsibility for all that sustains life on Earth.

Our Vision for MSNV

Our Vision for MSNV is to provide full, authentic Montessori educational programs for children and families in the community who share our mission. We will include a diverse mix of parents, staff, and alumni connected through our dual-campus school and its activities.

Our programs will enable children to reach their fullest potential as inspired learners, independent thinkers, and future model citizens and leaders by developing character and educating the whole child–academically, emotionally, and physically. Our programs will extend from Preprimary through at least sixth grade, preparing our graduates for a successful transition to their choice of higher-level programs.

Our school will be led by a highly-qualified, professional staff at the forefront of current Montessori educational research and practices. Each of our campuses will provide a secure, comfortable,and stimulating instructional environment in which the staff and students are empowered to learn and perform their best.