We inspire and guide children to love learning, to love one another, and to love the world around them.
Dr. Maria Montessori recognized the limitless potential of children. She noted how their learning would take flight in an environment which met their specific needs and allowed them to learn by doing. Montessori observed the joy of children in discovering themselves and their world.

At the Montessori School of Northern Virginia (MSNV), we want this joy—the delight of discovery—to last a lifetime. By presenting a myriad of rich learning experiences based on the enduring principles of Montessori, MSNV offers a well-rounded, dynamic and inspiring education for your child.

MSNV provides authentic Montessori education for children from toddlers through sixth grade at three campuses: Hillbrook in Annandale and Valleybrook and Sleepy Hollow in Falls Church. In seventh grade students transition into our progressive two-year Middle School Program at Hillbrook. There, students join other adolescents from various independent, public, or Montessori schools in the area. From Preprimary through Middle School, our learning environment is designed to directly benefit their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Our students achieve both academic and personal success. The result? You will love school, because our children love learning, love one another and love the world around them.
OUR MISSION: We inspire and guide children to love learning, to love one another, and to love the world around them.
OUR VISION: We envision a humane and peaceful society where people of all ages feel reverence and responsibility for all that sustains life on Earth.
OUR STATEMENT ON DIVERSITY AND INCLUSION: MSNV has a responsibility and a role in advocating for a world of love, acceptance, understanding, and inclusion. We empower our community to embrace these values by fostering respectful and compassionate interactions with all people. We aim for our students to embody a profound appreciation and respect for differences and interconnection, and to move forward with a commitment to equity, justice, and inclusion. The MSNV community moves forward with a commitment to equity, justice, diversity and inclusion.

Portrait of an MSNV Graduate

Montessori schools are in the unique position of having educated children for over a century based on a child development philosophy that has powerful implications today.

We do not know what tomorrow will look like, but we do know that we will need decision makers who can solve complex problems in a rapidly changing world. With 60 years of experience, MSNV prepares students to understand themselves, their values and their possibilities. We empower our students to be the designers of a better future. It is our vision for all students graduating from our Middle School program to embody these characteristics:

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  • Lifelong Learners

    Our students are driven by their curiosity to embrace and explore their passions. At MSNV, they discover that learning is stimulating, fun and never-ending. MSNV graduates never stop pursuing personal development and learning.
  • Independent Thinkers

    Our students are resourceful, confident and self-directed. When the world presents varied points of view, they ask questions and formulate their own ideas. MSNV graduates are self-reliant.
  • Self-Assured Problem Solvers

    Our students are excited to test their own abilities. At MSNV, they are encouraged to investigate possibilities, try new things and find their own answers. MSNV graduates embrace challenges.
  • Respectful Community Members

    Our students listen, consider and seek to understand diverse perspectives. At MSNV, they practice peaceful resolution and collaboration as part of a caring community of teachers, staff, families and students. MSNV graduates are community builders and thoughtful leaders.
  • Engaged Global Citizens

    Our students are immersed in a curriculum that reveals the interconnectedness of our universe. They learn to recognize the fundamental needs of all living things and to celebrate the natural beauty and wonder of our Earth. MSNV graduates gain a perspective far beyond themselves.

Love Learning

MSNV students are empowered and encouraged to explore, discover, contemplate and expand their understanding of the world. Read more on Montessori at MSNV.

Love One Another

MSNV students are a part of a warm, caring and inclusive school community where learning, respect and cooperation are mutually shared between faculty, staff, families and students. Read more on Community at MSNV.

Love the World

MSNV teaches by example. By practicing environmental stewardship on a daily basis, it becomes commonplace for our children to do the same. MSNV students are not sheltered or isolated from the world around them, but instead are encouraged to immerse themselves in nature and gain respect for its unwavering beauty. Read more on our Respect for the Earth.