We inspire and guide children to love learning, to love one another, and to love the world around them.

All Day Montessori

MSNV’s all-day program offers students a relaxing environment before and after the regular school hours. Children participating in the all- day program play in safe, comfortable surroundings similar to those they enjoy during the heart of the day. The room is equipped with all sorts of materials and activities compatible with the Montessori philosophy, geared specifically to the age group and the child’s interests. Our all-day program maintains a consistency of expectations–the children are self-directed, make their own decisions, practice self-control, solve their problems and most importantly, they show care and respect for the environment, their classmates, their teachers and their families. Since Montessori is a developmental approach, the work, rest and play cycles of children in our all-day program are respected.
Afternoon: (Valleybrook: 3:15 p.m.-5:45 p.m.| Hillbrook: 3:30 p.m.-5:45 p.m.): Children remaining for the late afternoon begin their activities in one of several designated rooms according to their age. These rooms are set up with materials that will hold their interest and enjoyment. Our all-day programs offer a daily nutritious snack and lengthy outdoor playtime. Other activities for all ages include games, reading, arts and crafts, nature walks, gardening, food preparation, stories, singing and movement. Children enjoy choosing activities from the shelves and socializing with friends. Their afternoon time is intended to reflect the unstructured atmosphere of a relaxed home environment and to respond to their changing needs at this time of day.

The all-day program is open when school is in session, and closed during school holidays. A calendar of school holidays and early closings is available to assist parents in planning. Different blocks of time may be chosen to match each family’s needs.

Any child enrolled at MSNV is eligible to apply to the all-day program. However, space is limited and priority is given to those who register early and use the program on a full-year, regular basis.