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Middle School at MSNV

Seventh and Eighth Grade at MSNV

“It is very important to consider the relationship between child, the teachers, and the environment. The teachers must have the greatest respect for the young personality, realizing that in the soul of the adolescent great values are hidden, and that in the minds of these boys and girls lies all our hope for future progress. The intimate vocation of man is the secret of the adolescent. If social progress is realized through the succession of generations then these children,as they grow up, will become more highly developed than their adult learners.” (Maria Montessori, Communications 2011/1-2, p. 83)

A Middle School Program

Dr. Maria Montessori believed adolescents should be given the opportunity to experience self-worth through real and important work, providing the opportunity for adolescents to realize they are strong, worthy, and capable of effort. Our Middle School Program strives to meet the adolescent’s need to exhibit creativity, to problem solve, to take responsibility, and to claim independence. Middle School students ages 12 – 15, integrate rigorous academic studies with purposeful work, preparing teenagers to become contributing adult citizens who are self-confident and possess skills needed to thrive in society. (For more information visit AMSHQ)

The Curriculum: The Plan of Study & Work


List of 3 members.

  • Mrs. MK Carlson 

    Middle School Teacher
  • Tara Kneale 

    Middle School Teacher
  • Amanda Waldron 

    Middle School Teacher