Welcome to the Montessori School of Northern Virginia

At the Montessori School of Northern Virginia we aim to empower students to explore their curiosity in the hope that their enthusiasm and love for learning will flourish. We also understand that education opens up a world of opportunity to the young mind. Imagine how real and accessible the world becomes to a student once they learn how to read. Faraway lands and cultures are now at their fingertips, unlocking their desire to be engaged global citizens. Think of the independence a student must feel after they master a skill, like solving their first algebraic equation or telling time. These may seem like small discoveries to an adult, but they are big wins for students, because it’s on these blocks that the foundation for their educational journey is built. MSNV has more than 50 years of history establishing these foundations for its students, and we are delighted that your student will join a long line of MSNV graduates that are poised and confident to handle any challenge ahead of them.