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Teacher Tuesday: Get to Know Primary Teacher Kathryn Lazaro

MSNV is fortunate to have an amazing team of faculty and staff. On this Teacher Tuesday, we want to introduce you to one of our dedicated educators, Primary teacher Kathryn Lazaro.
Why did you choose a career in education?
I had a teacher growing up that made such an impact on my educational career. School did not come easy to me and this teacher made learning so much fun. I chose a career in education because I believed I could make that same impact on a child.

Describe your journey to MSNV.
My journey to MSNV was an interesting one. I graduated from Radford University with a degree in Tourism. My very first job was event planning, but something felt off. I decided to leave that job when I saw an assistant opening at a Montessori school in the area where I grew up. And wow! Let’s just say I fell I love with the Montessori Method. For someone who struggled during school, a concept that followed the child instead of the “standard curriculum” got me. From there I got my Montessori Certification to be able to best serve my students. I found out about MSNV from a mentor in my training program and the rest is history!

How would you describe the Primary experience?
The Primary experience is like no other, watching these young minds light up when they learn a new concept will never get old. This is my third year at MSNV, so it’s my first time seeing the program from start to finish. I think back to where my third years were when they first walked into the classroom to where they are now. How those Practical Life and Sensorial lessons prepared them for the all the challenging lessons and concepts they have learned is truly amazing.

What is your favorite MSNV tradition?
My favorite MSNV tradition is the flag raising ceremony. For the whole school to be together to kick off the new year is really special. It gives our students an opportunity to see what they might have the chance to do when they reach the Elementary program.