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Teacher Tuesday: Get to Know Primary Teacher Janine Labak

MSNV is fortunate to have a phenomenal team of teachers. On this Teacher Tuesday, we want to introduce you to one of our dedicated educators, Primary teacher Janine Labak.
Why did you pursue a career in education?
I'd always been interested in education and had taught at various places but it was when my oldest child was at a Montessori school that I knew I wanted to be a Montessori teacher.

What led you to MSNV?
We had just moved to Virginia from Connecticut. I was looking at different Montessori schools for my children and also to finish my Montessori certificate. MSNV was just what I was looking for!

Describe your favorite teaching moment.
Connecting with the children is what it's all about. When you see the light go on in their eyes when they discover something new or want to show you something on the playground or are laughing at something silly. It's wonderful to experience the world through their eyes and share these precious moments!

What are the benefits of having a child for the three-year cycle?
Everything about the Montessori classroom is designed to benefit the child for a three-year experience. They come in brand new, get to know the classroom in every way and by the third year, they are confident, making abstract connections and taking on leadership roles. It is absolutely beautiful to see that third year child blossom!

What do you think is so special about the MSNV experience?
MSNV is a real family. It is true to Montessori philosophy in every way. The classrooms are beautiful and comfortable, the outdoor spaces are inviting and loved dearly by the children and everyone is happy! That is a special place!