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Teacher Tuesday: Get to Know Lower Elementary Teacher Amanda Glithero

MSNV is fortunate to have a wonderful faculty who are dedicated to the education of our students. Today we introduce you to Lower Elementary teacher Amanda Glithero.
When did you begin teaching and what made you focus on being a Montessori teacher?
While I began teaching in 2007, I knew from a very early age that I wanted to be a teacher. I was lucky enough to have some very influential teachers from an early age, which inspired me to pursue teaching. I grew up being only exposed to traditional education, and it was not until I was an Early Childhood Education major at Xavier University in Cincinnati that I learned about Montessori in an educational philosophy class. I was really drawn to her philosophy about how education can be a way of achieving peace and her respect for children. By the end of the semester, I had read several of Maria Montessori's writings and had switched my major to Montessori Education. As I learned more about the method and explored more of the materials, I realized how much sense everything made -- they even allowed me to truly understand concepts that I had just learned through rote memorization in school.
What drew you to MSNV?
From the first time I visited the school, there was such a strong community here and I felt welcomed right away. Obviously the setting of the campus is beautiful, and I love the opportunities that come with that, such as taking the students on trail hikes throughout the week. More importantly, the school really strives to stay true to Montessori's philosophy and focuses on the whole child. I've visited and worked at several Montessori schools over the years, and MSNV is truly a special place.
What inspires you about teaching your students?
Lower Elementary is such a fun age to teach as the students are really seeking to find their place within the world and how to relate to others. I love the way that our students look at the world. So many of them find joy in the small things, and their enthusiasm is contagious. I've learned a lot about gratitude through working with them. It's always fun to see that spark in their learning as well, and I'm always fascinated by the questions that they ask and the way they explore the world. It's really fulfilling to watch them as they work through challenges and their excitement when they finally understand a concept they've been grappling with for a while.
What is your favorite thing/tradition at MSNV?
Along with appreciating the overall community of the school, one experience I really love at MSNV is taking the Elementary children to Echo Hill Outdoor School. It's such a wonderful experience to see them grow in confidence and independence through the trip, and our classroom community always becomes closer as a result of the experience. The staff at Echo Hill is really amazing with the students as well. The students really look forward to the experience, and it's fun to see them really having the opportunity to explore the environment and interact with each other in different ways. It's definitely become a highlight of the year for me.