Student Learning

Learning Support Services

At MSNV we believe strongly in meeting the individual needs of every child. Unique to MSNV, we offer a Learning Support Services team with a Learning Specialist and Resource Teacher. We work together to provide support for students, teachers and parents in a variety of ways.
The Learning Specialist observes MSNV classrooms regularly and meets frequently with teachers to develop classroom strategies for the purpose of enhancing the learning environment. The Learning Specialist also supports teachers by leading discussions on learning methods and materials.

Throughout the Primary years, teachers expose their students to the four pillars of literacy: reading, writing, listening and speaking. During the third year of Montessori Primary, children have been exposed to a number of materials, such as  sandpaper letters, the moveable alphabet and object boxes, to develop the foundation necessary for reading.  Three times each year, the Learning Specialist and Resource Teacher conduct an informal reading and language assessment of each third year Primary student to determine if s/he needs additional multisensory instruction.  The Learning Specialist will contact families on an individual basis if further support is recommended.

For students who need additional support, the Learning Specialist and Resource Teacher use the Orton Gillingham approach, which encompasses a variety of multisensory activities.  The amount of support each student receives varies according to their needs. The Support Services team is in close contact with classroom teachers and parents.

As the Orton Gillingham method complements the Montessori method, several MSNV teachers at Primary and Lower Elementary levels have received the Orton Gillingham training to enhance their teaching methods for all students during the daily work cycle.

At MSNV, we do our best to meet the needs of all students. If our program is not best suited to meet the needs of a child, we aim to assist families in finding the most appropriate setting for their learning style.