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Teacher Tuesday: Get to Know Primary Teacher Tim Chen

MSNV is fortunate to have a phenomenal team of teachers. On this Teacher Tuesday, we want to introduce you to one of our dedicated educators, Primary teacher Tim Chen.
When did you begin teaching and what made you focus on being a Montessori teacher?
I started my classroom training as an intern in 2011. I was drawn to Montessori after watching how my two nieces loved everything they were learning at their Montessori school. My experience with my education process was quite the contrary.
What drew you to MSNV and what is your favorite thing about our community?
I felt a connection with Mrs. Labak when we talked on the playground during my interview. We believed then that we would make a wonderful partnership. My co-workers have become my trusted friends. We have an unwavering support for each other.
How did you get involved with Positive Discipline and how has it shaped your teaching style?
My previous school owner brought the whole staff to Chip DeLorenzo's Positive Discipline in the Classroom workshop at Barrie in 2012. That was my first experience with PD. I started using a handful of tools from the workshop and they transformed my classroom that year. PD led me to realize making a connection with each student is my most important task as a teacher. A genuine relationship with the children opens the door for me to understand what their behavior is trying to tell me and allows me to work with them through every challenge. As I continue to grow and mature as a teacher, I find myself becoming a discerning listener and a more perceptive and empathetic teacher.