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Your contribution to The MSNV Fund: Join the Journey provides direct funding for new initiatives that tuition alone will not cover. In 2016-2017 there have been some great returns on your investment in MSNV. But we’re not done yet!  We still have some fantastic initiatives you can help us to support- see in orange below:

Arts & Culture

Your gifts give our children tools to widen their scope of creativity and personal expression

  • Art drying racks keep creations organized
  • Art & Printmaking Station
  • Etching Press
  • Musical instruments
  • Timpani drum
  • GarageBand app

Diversity & Inclusion

Your gifts create an inclusive and supportive environment for all of our families

  • Faculty and staff training sessions on D&I featuring Iris Jacob, Professional Development Specialist, Teaching for Change
  • Faculty and staff training sessions on D&I featuring Joel Sohn, Co-Director of Equity & Inclusion, Episcopal High School
  • Discussion forums with our newly established D&I Advisory Council
  • The ongoing development of an action plan to integrate our lessons in all aspects of MSNV

Educator Training

Your gifts provide our teachers with new skills and techniques to successfully support our children

MSNV Faculty & Staff trainings keep our teachers current on the latest in educational ideas and neuroscience-based learning techniques

  • Technology training
  • “Montessori Applied to Children at Risk” training
  • Orton Gillingham (OG) training- we now have specialists available to all students and OG teachers in our MSNV Primary and Lower Elementary classrooms trained in the Orton Gillingham (OG) method, which uses a multisensory approach to enhance reading and writing skills!  
  • “International Society for Technology in Education” conference
  • American Montessori Society Annual Conference “Montessori Beyond Borders”
  • Dr. Stephen Hughes: ADHD in the Montessori Classroom
  • Janine Laback, MSNV Primary teacher, thoughts on the Montessori Educational Programs International “Hands for Peace” Conference:  

Every Montessori conference I have attended in my career as a Montessori educator has been invigorating and inspiring.  The recent MEPI (Montessori Education Programs International) was another such one!  Rather than the thousands that attend the AMS conferences, this conference was more intimate –  a couple hundred attendees.  It was no less invigorating or inspiring!  The keynote address was by Jonathan Wolff who in the past served as a consultant, presented a parent workshop and conducted in-service training for MSNV.  He is amazing!  His talk, “Ever-widening Circles: Expanding in Love and Learning’ focused on what Montessori calls ‘the spiritual preparation’ of the teacher and how this relates to the classroom and the staff culture. He gave practical ideas which I took right back to the classroom including how I conducted one of our recent team meetings. One of the workshops I attended, ‘Guided by Nature’ validated yet again what we are doing with our Outdoor Curriculum and our natural playground. One of the quotes talking about children was ‘awareness of nature will help them to be better citizens.’ And ‘providing for natural playscapes with uneven surfaces provides for creative, critical thinking skills.’   All-in-all it was a great conference and reminds me again how grateful I am that MSNV provides for such teacher professional development. – Janine Laback, MSNV Primary teacher

We still need more funding to support additional Faculty & Staff Professional Development during Summer 2017

  • Technology training
  • 2017 Positive Discipline Think Tank and Conference
  • Montessori for Social Justice Conference 2017
  • Leadership + Design- 4D Studio: Design. Disrupt. Dare. Dream.
  • Association of Independent School Admission Professionals 2017 Institute: With Mission in Mind
  • Montessori Elementary 1&2 training
  • Undergraduate classes at Liberty University on Psychology/ Special Needs Interdisciplinary Studies


Your gifts open the doors of inquiry and communication to our wider virtual community

This year, throughout MSNV Elementary, a program called “Duolingo” is now being used on new Kindle tablets to enhance Spanish learning.

Quotes from 3rd year students, ages 8-9, in Lower Elementary

“The tablet is awesome! JP and I work on Duolingo for 20 minutes every day” -Jonathan

“I love it. It is fun.” -Neev

“We learn a ton.”-Jake

“I always try to complete a level. Even if I don’t know the answer, I try to guess.” -Lydia

“I do Duolingo on the Kindle Fire. It’s fun. I like buying the stuff for the Duolingo owl. You get points for finishing the different levels and you can go to the store to buy things that will help you. I like the Kindle Fire because it is a good place to do Spanish on.” – JP

We still need more funding to support additional technology support:

  • Laptops/Tablets/Photo-capable devices for classrooms and teachers for technology curriculum implementation and other program enhancements

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