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Applications are received year-round to place children who are at least two years old (as of September 30th) and up to age 12. First consideration will be given to those who submit their application and non-refundable application fee by January 15. Applications received after the deadline are placed in our wait pool, which is accessed if spaces become available.

Parents considering MSNV Elementary (beyond the first grade level) for their children who have not had previous Montessori experience should contact the before applying.

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Tuition, Fees, and Financial

The MSNV Board and Administration conducts an annual discussion on how to budget and set tuitions for the next academic year. In doing so, we aim to provide the best possible education for all levels while maintaining a competitive rate in comparison to similar schools in the area. Our increases are in line with recent years and ensure MSNV continues on a fiscally sound and flexible course.

MSNV 2016-2017 tuitions, fees and extended day rates PDF

School Group Tours 2015-16

We would love to have you visit MSNV!  Tours are scheduled by appointment at either or both of our two campuses in Annandale and Falls Church.   Tours are for parents only and last 1 ½ hours most weekday mornings.  You will have the opportunity to walk through the facility with us, visit a class in progress and meet with our Admissions representatives to discuss your child’s needs.  We hope to provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Montessori education and ask any questions that you may have about our school.  To schedule your tour, please call:

Beth Bell-Leresche
Hillbrook Campus (ages 3-12)
6820 Pacific Lane, Annandale, Virginia 22003

Christina Perucci
Valleybrook Campus (ages 2-6)
3433 Rose Lane, Falls Church, Virginia 22042

Visits to MSNV

After submitting your Application for Admission, parents will be asked to schedule two visits to the school to complete the application process: the Parent Observation Visit and the Child Visit with a teacher. (The applications that are waitlisted may see a delay in the parent and child visits until a space becomes available.) The purpose of these visits is to give you an opportunity to share information about your family and your child and for us to provide you with information about our program. We want to ensure that together, we share similar goals and expectations for your child.

Admissions Committee

Children are evaluated on the basis of readiness for school and potential for success in a Montessori classroom. We take into account many factors, including age, gender, characteristics of the child, previous Montessori, composition of the entire class, and the compatibility of the parents’ educational philosophy with that of MSNV. Our goal is to provide your child the greatest opportunity for a successful school experience. All placement decisions are made by the Admissions Committee. Parents are notified of decisions by mid-March. The Head of School has final authority in all decisions related to the admissions process.

Wait Pool

Since we sometimes receive more applications than openings available, some applications will be placed in our wait pool. When, and if, an opening occurs, we review all applications in the wait pool and offer the space to the candidate who best complements the class. We notify the parents immediately, usually by telephone. For fall enrollment, we will keep your child’s name in our wait pool until school opens in September. If an opening for your child has not occurred by September, you must notify MSNV in writing that you wish to keep your child’s application in the wait pool. If you choose not to accept an opening for your child when offered, it will be necessary to re-apply, and a new, non-refundable application fee will be required.