Admission FAQ

Q. Do you have a waitlist? How long is it?

A. All applications received by the January 15th deadline are considered equally, with no advantage give to early applications. Outside of our regular Admission season, we our generally fully enrolled and have a wait pool of applicants for our Preprimary & Primary programs. At the Elementary level, spaces are somewhat more available. Applicants are chosen from the wait pool when openings arise using factors such as sibling status, age and gender, and family commitment to the Montessori philosophy and MSNV’s mission.

Q. What do I do if I have to cancel a scheduled admission appointment?

A. In the event that you should have to cancel any of your scheduled appointments for any reason, please call the Admission Office immediately at 703.992.0255. We will make every attempt to reschedule cancelled appointments promptly, but please be aware that in the busy admission season, rescheduling may be difficult. We will do everything we can to help you complete the process as soon as possible.

Q. What is the tuition?

A. Please see our Schedule of Tuition & Fees for the most current information.

Q. Is this a year-round program?

A. No. However, we do offer summer camp at an additional cost.

Q. How many children are in a class? What is the student:teacher ratio?

A. Preprimary classes are between 10-12 children. Primary classes are between 22-25 children. Lower Elementary classes are between 21-24. Upper Elementary classes are between 18-20.

For Preprimary, the ratio is 1:6. Primary and Lower Elementary classes have a 1:12 ratio, and Upper Elementary are 1:10. Each of our classes at all levels has at least two adults in the room.

Q. Can my child come three days a week?

A. No; we only offer a five-day program.

Q. What is the daily schedule?

A. Call us at 703.992.0255 for a tour of MSNV; you will get a better idea of schedules at that time. Generally, however, each morning features a work period of 2-3 hours after the children arrive. When it is time (around 11:15), they may go outside, eat lunch, and nap if they are younger than 4 years old.  The older children continue after lunch with about a two-hour work schedule in the afternoon.

Q. Do you have a Kindergarten program?

A. Not in the traditional sense. The Primary level is for children ages 3–6; the last year of Primary serves students of the same age as a traditional kindergarten class.

Q. Montessori is a pre-school system, isn’t it?

A. Montessori schools may be best known for their programs with young children, but the underlying educational method describes programs for students up through high school.

Q. Do you provide snack & lunch?

A. All students staying for lunch bring a packed lunch from home.

In the Preprimary and Primary classes, parents take turns providing a healthful, nutritious morning snack for the class. In Elementary, children pack a protein-rich snack along with the rest of their lunch. MSNV does provide an afternoon snack for children enrolled in Extended Day beyond 3:00 PM.

Have your own question about admission to The Montessori School of Northern Virginia? Email us, or schedule a visit.