Admission Decisions & Wait Pool

Admission Decisions

The Admission Committee evaluates children on the basis of readiness for school and potential for success in a Montessori classroom. As we very carefully construct our classes, we take into account many factors including maintaining age and gender balances, characteristics of the child, previous Montessori experience, composition of the entire class, compatibility of the parents’ educational philosophy with that of MSNV and a commitment to our full 2-12 program for their child. Our goal is to provide you and your child the greatest opportunity for a successful school experience.

Because we cannot guarantee acceptance, we advise you to explore several school options in addition to MSNV.

Wait Pool

Since we often receive more applications than openings available, some accepted candidates will be placed in our wait pool. When, and if, an opening occurs, we review all candidates in the wait pool and offer the space to the child who best complements the class. For fall enrollment, we will keep your child’s name in our wait pool until school opens in September. If an opening for your child has not occurred by September, you must notify MSNV in writing that you wish to keep your child’s application in the wait pool. If you choose not to accept an opening for your child when offered and you seek admission for the following school year, it will be necessary to re-apply, and a new, non-refundable application fee will be required.