Portrait of an MSNV Graduate

Life-Long Learners

Our students are driven by their curiosity about the world to find, to embrace, and to explore their passions. At MSNV, they discover that learning is challenging, stimulating, fun, and never-ending. MSNV graduates never stop pursuing personal development and learning.

Independent Thinkers

Our students are resourceful, confident, and self-directed. When the world presents chal-lenges and varied points of view, they ask questions and formulate their own ideas. MSNV graduates are self-reliant.

Self-Assured Problem Solvers

Our students are confident in their own abilities. They are urged to find their own answers, pushed to try new things, and encouraged to explore – even master— their own environment. MSNV graduates embrace challenges.

Respectful Community Members

Our students listen, consider, and seek to understand diverse perspectives. Our caring com-munity of teachers, staff, parents, and fellow students foster and teach skills for peaceful resolution and collaboration. MSNV graduates are community builders and leaders.

Engaged Global Citizens

Our students are immersed in a curriculum that reveals the interconnectedness of our uni-verse. It recognizes the fundamental needs of all living things and celebrates the natural beauty and wonder of our Earth. MSNV graduates gain a perspective far beyond themselves.