Head of School Search

MSNV’s current Head of School, Betsy Mitchell, will be retiring in June 2018 at the end of the 2017-2018 school year. Betsy has faithfully served the school with distinction since 1976 and she will be dearly missed by our entire community. Betsy has guided MSNV from its more humble early days to our current school marked by extraordinary growth, strength, and mission-inspired love. In addition to her dedicated leadership as our Head of School for the last 32 years, Betsy has also been a classroom teacher, trustee, and parent.

As we face this time of change for our school, the MSNV Board of Trustees has taken important steps to ensure the selection of and smooth transition to a new Head of School. The Board has retained the services of Mary Seppala of Educators’ Collaborative, LLC, an educational search and consulting firm specializing in work with independent schools. In addition, the MSNV Board of Trustees has appointed a Head Search Committee to work in collaboration with Mary Seppala as we undergo a comprehensive, national search for our new Head of School, who will assume leadership of MSNV beginning July 2018. The current membership of the Head Search Committee includes:

Co-Chairs: Daniel Cornette and Adrianna Bravo, MD
Members: Tim Chen, Kelly Engstrom, Margaret Masters, Jen O’Sullivan, Tim Schwartz, Vinny Shahbazi, Tom Stauber

For more information about the search, the Head of School position, or any related matters, you are invited to contact the MSNV Head Search Committee chairs Dan Cornette and Adrianna Bravo, MD through the MSNV Hillbrook office: 703-256-9577. You are also welcome to find out more about our consulting firm and their work on behalf of MSNV at the Educators Collaborative website.

Announcements and Search Timeline

April 20, 2017: Message from Betsy Mitchell, MSNV Head of School
April 20, 2017: Message from Daniel Cornette, MSNV President, Board of Trustees
May 9-10, 2017: Educators’ Collaborative consultant, Mary Seppala, visited MSNV campuses to engage with constituents of our school community
Summer 2017: Candidates are solicited and interviewed by consultant
Early Fall 2017: Candidate finalists visit MSNV campuses for interviews with Search Committee and school community
Late Fall 2017: Anticipated selection and announcement of the new Head of School
Winter 2018: Event to host the new Head of School on a Welcome Visit to MSNV
Spring 2018: Leadership transition period; Retirement event for Betsy Mitchell
Summer 2018: New Head of School assumes full leadership of MSNV

Updates will be posted here as events are scheduled.