Board of Trustees

As of March 2017, seeking individuals interested in joining the MSNV Board of Trustees. Read a letter from our President.

The MSNV Board of Trustees is made up of parents and community members committed to the mission and vision of MSNV. Trustees are elected at the Annual Meeting in May to serve terms of up to three years. The Board is responsible for establishing and promoting MSNV’s mission, vision and strategic goals, and ensuring the long-term financial stewardship and governance of the school. The Board selects, supports and evaluates the Head of School, and works with the Head to cultivate good relations with our stakeholders and members of the broader community.

2016-05-30 MSNV Board of Trustees from Annual Meeting

MSNV Board of Trustees, May 2016

MSNV Board of Trustees

Executive Committee

  • Dan Cornette, President
  • Adrianna Bravo, MD, Vice President/ Head Support & Evaluation Committee
  • Michael Cranna, Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair
  • Shane Blake, Secretary/Governance Committee Chair
  • Jennifer O’Sullivan, Advancement Committee Chair
  • Joseph Osterman, Special Projects Committee Chair
  • Betsy Mitchell, Head of School / Ex-officio Member of the Board

Members at Large

  • Pranoti Asher
  • Kelly Engstrom
  • Jennifer Liner
  • Sabrina Rose-Smith
  • Larisa Sawhney
  • Vinny Shahbazi
  • Thomas Stauber
  • Jana Thomas
  • Denise Wood

To learn more about our Board members, see:

MSNV 2016-2021 Strategic Plan

The 2016-2021 MSNV Strategic Plan charts a course that reflects our mission and vision as well as the values and hopes of the community and school leadership. We aim to build upon accomplishments from our previous strategic plan by imagining new possibilities in support of the transformational experience we envision for our students.  In order to continue offering an inspiring educational environment, our plan seeks to:

  • expand our educational programs;
  • enhance school spirit;
  • strengthen advancement efforts; and
  • promote our tradition of strong corporate governance.

2016-2021 MSNV Strategic Plan

MSNV Bylaws

Amended and Restated MSNV Bylaws (May 2016) will be added soon.

Join the MSNV Board of Trustees

If you are interested in joining the MSNV Board of Trustees or serving on a Board Committee, please contact Shane Blake ().