MSNV is a Montessori school serving children ages 2 through 12. MSNV is a cooperative school, encouraging parent’s involvement in their child’s learning. MSNV has two very unique campuses to meet the needs of all children. The Hillbrook Campus is located on a beautifully wooded site bordered by parkland in Annandale, Virginia. The Valleybrook Campus is our meadow location in Falls Church, Virginia. (More about the MSNV facility)

Location, Phone and Hours

The telephone number for the Annandale Hillbrook Campus is 703-256-9577 and the Falls Church Valleybrook Campus is 703-992-0255. The school is open from 7:30 AM until 5:45 PM Monday through Friday. Business hours are 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.

Parent Involvement

MSNV is a school for children, but its mission embraces families as well. Children at MSNV are proud of their school, their achievements, and their friends. When a child’s parents share his or her experiences at MSNV, the child’s sense of self-confidence, accomplishment and self-esteem is reaffirmed and strengthened. MSNV is a parent-owned cooperative, and parent involvement is vital to the school’s success. The elected Board of Trustees, responsible for overall governance, is comprised of parents, and parents have traditionally given their time and talents through classroom participation such as special projects, cultural presentations and celebrations, and field trips. Parents are always welcome to visit MSNV to learn more about their child’s educational experience.